Bigger Buttocks Injections-Bigger Butt Naturally Without Surgery


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  • There no pills to make your but bigger, but there is a procedure you can undergo, it is called fat transfer, if you have an area which has more than normal fat you can transfer that into another area, for the buttocks the cost is 5-6 thousand not including the liposuction that is included, they best way is to work out but i know someone who got the fat transfer and she has a really nice shape now her butt is really big now. Bigger buttocks injections not best course of action.
  • Ladies, I will be more than happy to give you some of mine! LOL Ask a professional at a gym what exercises are best. Our buttocks do have muscle so at least you will gain something back there. Be careful what you wish for. Getting Bigger Buttocks injections should be last resort.
  • No pills or injections will increase butt size (or boob size). You can do exercises (like squats) to work your butt muscles (glutes) enlarge the muscle. Be forewarned. Butt exercises are hard work but they are worth it! You can also buy padded underwear like Jessica Simpson wore in “Dukes.” Bigger buttocks injections are last course of action.



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