Maca Root Capsules Vs Butt injections which is safer?

MACA ROOT CAPSULES    OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR FREE ACCESS TO MACA ROOT CAPSULES Maca or maca root is being used by more and more women who want a larger booty.Maca is not a hormone or a chemical and is completely safe to use. The only people who cannot use maca are those who have seizures. Maca is a vegetable which grows in the Andes Mountains of Peru and has been used since the time of the Incas. Women, in most cases, who use maca for booty enlargement get great results. There was even one women who complained about maca making her booty bigger because she was using it for a different purpose. She admitted, however, that her husband loved her larger rear end, and it made her marriage better.


What is Maca or Maca Root Maca is just a root vegetable that naturally contains compounds which make your hormones work better. Maca is not a hormone; it is an adaptogen so it affects your hormones. Women using maca for booty enlargement have begun seeing positive changes within as little as 4 or 5 days if they use larger amounts of maca. Most women have growth of at least 2 inches or better even if they had totally flat buttocks at the start. Depending upon how large a woman wants her booty to be, it can take just a few weeks to several months to get the results that she wants. Booty exercises make the new larger booty look even better. Pics of women’s butt enlargement results from using maca root are on women’s forums online.

The initial side effects that some women have from maca are temporary stomach aches, gas and/or irritability. Some women have more vivid dreams when they start using maca. After using maca root for 8 weeks, maca should be taken less frequently or in smaller dosages or discontinued for just a week or two and then resuming normal use. Other women don’t like the taste, but it comes as a powder or can be bought in capsules. Women who use the maca root powder will put it in drinks, shakes, food and some even buy cookies with maca root powder baked right in. Usually the taste is not an issue if you use maca capsules. Some people like the taste of maca root (it is slightly sweet). Butt Injections Other women, as seen from threads on many topix forums, are using risky butt injections to get a bigger booty. The butt injections, which are supposed to be from silicone which also goes by the name adatosil and also the name PMMA, is usually not done by a medical doctor. In some cases, the women don’t even get a bigger booty at all. The injections are not legal in the US so usually there is nothing that anyone can do if something goes wrong. Women who have problems go to the hospital, of course, but, according to lawyers, they can’t sue if they knew that the butt injections were illegal. Some women even travel out of the US to get these injections which leave them completely helpless when something goes wrong AND they have wasted hard earned money to leave the country for nothing. Women have reported adverse reactions both immediately and as long as two years after the injection.

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